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Joe Montana Exclusive Report | Augusta Precious Metals

American precious metals provider, Augusta Precious Metals, announced the release of a video interview between hall of fame quarterback Joe Montana and Augusta’s director of education Devlyn Steele. In the interview, Montana reveals how he came to be the company’s corporate ambassador – and customer.

Augusta Precious Metals Ratings and standards

At Augusta Precious Metals, they can be proud of their excellent precious metal procurement process, which can bring seven obvious advantages of working with them: knowledge, commitment, respect, choice, transparency, choice and coordination.

When you are ready to buy gold and silver to benefit from the unique diversification and balanced quality of these ideal alternative assets, will only any gold and silver provider do this? 
Not suitable for retirement savers who are seriously considering making precious metals a core part of their savings. Augusta Precious Metals not only provides gold and silver trading.

Augusta Precious Metals is  your private precious metals company – they will stand with you in your retirement life by providing life-long services as your trusted source of information and quality products.

Gold and Silver IRAs

Augusta Precious Metals has a unique approach to start the rollover of your retirement funds to a Gold or Silver IRA.
They educate you in that area so that you can take control of your retirement life. They help you spread your savings confidently and comfortably.
Professionals lead and guide you through all the steps smoothly. You are always under 100% control.

We recommend that you obtain the information you need to understand physical gold and silver.
Then, your broker will introduce you to the IRA processing team to help you fill out the application form for a new custodian that allows physical gold and silver. Your IRA processing team will release funding trends and procedures to you at any time.

Once your funds reach the new custodian, your broker will introduce you to the order desk, and you will tell them what gold and silver products you want to buy and where to store it.
Finally, Augusta Precious Metals’ confirmation department will call the record line to confirm your purchase.

Lifetime Customer Support

After the transaction is completed, the advantages of working with Augusta Precious Metals will not disappear.
They will be your precious metal resource for life.
What does this mean to you? This means that they will be able to educate you and diversify and balance your savings.

You will always be able to contact customer success agents, Augusta Precious Metals education team, IRA processing department, order service desk and confirmation department.

Throughout the entire life cycle of you and your family, they will be here to provide you with all precious metals help, whether you need to invest, allocate, liquidate, transfer, require minimum allocation or rebalance your portfolio.

How do you when to get started?
What would be the best time ?
According to analists and brokers due to the crisis and economy state the best time was yesterday. Second best time is now.

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