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How To Invest In Gold In 2022

Here is an overview of the better companies to invest in Gold.



Our Rating : 9.8

Annual Fees:   $180
Storage Fee:   $ 150
Gold IRA Min:   $ 20,000
Non-IRA Min:   $ 3,500
Promotion:   $ 10,000



  • A+ rated business (Better Business Bureau)
  • A large list of different gold and silver coins
  • Easy to rollover existing IRAs
  • Best for Customer Service
  • Costless storage for non-IRA investment


  • High fees
invest in gold chuck norris Goldco

Chuck Norris speaks for Goldco

Goldco and Chuck Norris partner to advice everyday Americans to protect their retirement savings and to Invest in Gold

“Take control of your financial future.”

Chuck Norris

Famous Actor


Augusta Precious Metals

Our Rating : 9.6

Annual Fees:   $ 80
Storage Fee:   $ 100
Gold IRA Min:   $ 100,000
Non-IRA Min:   $ 50,000
Promotion:   No fees



  • A+ rated business (Better Business Bureau)
  • Many different gold and silver coins
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Low fees
  • Low minimum invest in gold


  • Platinum or Palladium not offered for IRAs.
invest in gold Joe Montana Augusta_Precious_Metals

Joe Montana and Augusta Precious Metals

“The Augusta guide opened my eyes.  Now my Gold IRA gives me a peace of mind.

Gold investing and diversify your wealth with a Gold IRA.” 

Joe Montana

Hall of Fame Quarterback


Birch Gold Group

Our Rating : 9.5

Annual Fees:   $ 80
Storage Fee:   $ 100
Gold IRA Min:   $ 10,000
Non-IRA Min:   $ 5,000
Promotion:   $ 10,000



  • A+ rated business (Better Business Bureau)
  • Many different gold and silver coins
  • Best for Education of customers
  • Easy gold IRA process
  • Low minimum investment


  • Minimum purchase amount is $10,000.
invest in gold Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro speaks about Birch Gold Group

“Invest in Gold is crucial.

It’s foolish not to have some assets in the one area of human activity that has always kept a high value”.

Ben Shapiro

The Ben Shapiro Show

Top 3 Gold IRA Companies Reviews and IRA Rollover Reports (2022)

  • 3 Top Gold Invested capital organizations
  • 3 Profound Reports
  • 3 Free Downloadable Reports
    We have compiled Evaluations of the 3 best gold businesses to guide you in your decision to invest in Gold and other precious metals.

You can decide which is the best company to meet your needs, protect your funds and ensure your financial welbeing.

About our Investigation

Our rating goes from 0 to 10 (10 being the absolute top score possible). Having that said we want to emphasize that all mentioned enterprises are TOP companies in this industry.

The differences between the services of these companies helping you to invest in Gold are minimal. So you really can’t go wrong with neither of the organizations mentioned.

They will all give you a great service and a save and secure storage and an fantastic return on invested capital.

invest in gold gold-bars

What is a Gold IRA ?

An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account. A Gold IRA is in fact a type of self-directed individual retirement account (IRA) that lets you own gold bullion. It sometimes can also be called a self-directed IRA (SDIRA).

Other terms that you might come across are alternative asset IRA, or a precious metals IRA. These IRAs can hold other precious metals like silver, platinum, and palladium, as well as gold. Opening a self-directed IRA lets you invest in alternative assets like real estate, physical precious metals and crypto valuta.

How does the Gold IRA work ?

When you are about to get a gold IRA, you usually go through a specialized company, such as the best IRA gold firms described on this site.

These custodians purchase precious metals approved by the IRA and use the custodial funds to purchase Gold and other precious metals on your behalf.

In this way, you will not use the extracted funds to buy Gold and other precious metals yourself, which will cause a tax burden.

Gold IRA 401K Rollover Tax efficient

A gold IRA can be a very good tax efficient way of securing your retirement funds. Let experts of a invest in gold company help you on the tax breaks you could be receiving by investing in gold or other precious metals.

How to withdraw Gold IRA

When you are 72 years old (or if you are 70½ years old on or after January 1, 2020), you will receive a minimum dividend (RMD) in your IRA account.
This means that you should withdraw from the IRA every year.

Thoughts and recommendations on gold investments:

Throughout the centuries there are only a few investments that were as popular as to buy gold as protection against inflation, crisis and wars.

Gold ETFs are one the best ways for people to add some of gold’s stability.
Never forget that tapping into your home equity can be compared to pawning a gold necklace.

You could use a credit card and simply start to buy gold or silver on the internet.
Note gold’s spot price when so you can make always make a fair deal.

Making an investment in gold with a credit card is similar to paying for any other online purchase. We advise you to put away your credit card and contact professionals when you want to be investing in gold.

invest in gold

The Biggest Financial Meltdown In History | Invest in Gold

Convert your finances into physical Gold and Silver: without any tax penalty! So buy physical gold!

Gold is a valuable investment that has been used as currency for over 3,500 years. To invest in gold can be a wise decision because it’s not tied to the economy and it holds its worth over time.

Gold prices are always going up so now might be your best chance to invest in gold!  Remember that gold prices are only rising so you should take. advantage of them now while they’re still in a good price range!

Why invest in Gold ?

Over the centuries, gold and silver have always proved to be valuable assets. A tangible asset that should be kept in a vault.
You are looking for an honest and reliable partner for this.

A Gold Invest enterprise can be an exceptional resource if you just want to pick up a few gold coins or bars to store in your home safe.

Or you want to invest a large amount of value to store in a vault.

These organizations know the best ways how to invest in Gold :
They are experts and will take the whole process in their hands.
They give good advice how invest in gold the best way possible.
They know exactly how to handle taxes and help you to get the most out of your funds.

The businesses mentioned on this site are renowned and experienced. They have all been around for a long time and have proven themselves.

Choose the company that best suits you and your needs. They are all good to exceptional.

Fund your gold IRA account

The dedicated IRA gold custodians usually have a minimum investment amount. Otherwise, the time spent in small transactions may not be worthwhile because their profits may be small. The lower limit is expected to be between US$10,000 and US$50,000.

Annual fee

IRA Gold business charges an annual custodial fee. This is necessary to keep your account in good standing. The annual fee ranges from $0-$300. If you reach a certain threshold, some custodians will be free of charge for life.

Some people will give up their first year of promotion. It is best to ask if these are eligible. In the long run, it can save you a lot of money.

Avoid choosing high-fee Gold IRA firms to avoid waste of money caused by high fees
Know the spot price of Gold and Silver and the spot price you want to pay.
Before choosing a organization to invest in gold, get some IRA gold starter kits.

Precious Metals, Crypto and the Blockchain

On investing in Gold and other precious metals.
Advices in general :
Only buy approved precious metals for your IRA, avoid collectibles and coins.
Choose an IRS-approved storage location to store your metal.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies

When the Bitcoin was introduced to the world, also the Blockchain came to live.
The Blockchain technology is a new exciting development which touches almost every part of our lives.

It is a ledger which is distributed over thousands of computers and therefore very secure : each transaction or contract is checked over all the computers involved and only processed if all computers approve.

Cryptocurrencies can only be registered, transferred, stored and distributed by the Blockchain.
It will have an enormous impact on enterprises and economy. It will change almost every element of logistics, contracts, property, etc.

It creates endless automation possibilities and will make a lot of processes more efficient and quicker.


Many or all of the enterprises that invest in Gold listed here, may provide compensation to us. This is how we maintain our free service for consumers.

A lot of time of in-depth editorial research, determines where & how enterprises appear.

For more details please read our Disclaimer page.

Diversification Is the word

Gold investing corporations aim to make it easier for people to diversify their investment and invest in gold, silver, platinum or palladium coins and gold bars.

Most corporations even offer opportunities to invest in CRYPTOCURRENCIES now. The businesses help and advise you where and how to buy crypto coins and how to store them safely.

Of course, the whole world has seen and followed the rise and quick appreciation of The Bitcoin. An incredible and very successful story. No one can deny crypto coins now.
And then the Ethereum coin. This coin will probably soon pass the Bitcoin in market cap.

The possibilities of Ethereum is in all probability even bigger than Bitcoin. This is because the cryptocurrency can not only process transactions, but also so-called smart contracts.

Capturing documents in a particularly secure, ingenious and unique administration system called the Blockchain.

Many enterprises are working on this and it is expected that the Blockchain will have more impact on our lives than the invention of the internet.


Diversification of Invest In Gold

A good, diversified portfolio is the better way to keep your retirement wealth secure. Investing in a Gold IRA is more stabile and secure compared to for example the stock market.

If you deposit funds into your account in a more traditional way, whether pre-tax or after-tax, the 2021 contribution limit is between $6,000 and $7,000, depending on your age.

Some people want to use more cash to deposit in a 401k or existing IRA. When doing that, you can make the transition from 401k to IRA gold, so that you have more funds to “roll” into gold and other precious metals.

Don't forget these fees

The IRA gold businesses are collecting commissions for the precious metals you buy for the IRA. Expect to pay about 3% to 5% higher than the spot price for your metal. This is similar to the commission (usually 3%) charged by a real estate agent when it represents a buyer or sells a property.

Similar to buying a house, you may have to pay some other fees.

Administrator or initial setup fee: The first account setup cost is a one-time fee for processing paperwork and allowing you to set up with a new Gold IRA account. The fee is between $50-$90.

Storage fee

Storing Gold and Silver will occupy physical space in a location approved by the government. It is like a storage facility with enhanced security, insurance and monitoring functions.
The fee associated with storing your Gold in one of the vaults is approximately $100-$300 per year. This can add up, so find the lowest cost. 

Easy to get your money out ?

Bitcoin and other crypto valuta can easily be stored on a wallet online, on a stick in your safe or in an Exchange.

You can buy them directly with your bank account. On Exchanges you can easily sell them (swap them) for other crypto valuta. The accounts are protected with a password of course and also with an extra security called Two Factor Authentication (in short 2fa).

If you want to sell crypto coins you can swap them to American Dollar, Euro or any other currency. Directly to your bank account.

Gold Bullion for 401k

Gold investment retirement

Why Gold Bullion for your 401k is a good way to invest in Gold

Invest in Gold with a 401k. It is financed by a part of your salary and a payment of your employer. It is described in a tax law (a so called Internal Revenue Code).

The IRS distinguishes an IRA (individual retirement) and a taxfree account. The profits of both accounts is taxfree. Neither influence your income taxes, but there are rules for withdraws and limitations on contributions.

It is of course interesting for you because of the taxfree profits. As a citizen of the United States of America you can profit from this to maximize your retirement plan and savings. To invest it into Gold and other precious metals is a safe haven to protect your wealth.

You should always use this 401k regulation to your advantage when you invest in Gold and other precious metals . It is recommended to keep your outstanding credits as low as possible and plan to save money for your retirement days.

The pros of a 401k

The big pro of a 401k is that taxes are deffered.
From your salary you pay less taxes, later when it is time to take out your money you are still obliged to contribute your taxes.
But netto you pay way less taxes and therefor this regulation is very interesting and almost a no-brainer.

The better employers offer their employees an extra bonus to their retirement savings. This is called a Matching contribution. Because you are saving a lot of money during your working years the total funds can be huge.

And then there is the wonder of compounding interest that makes the amount of money grow to substantial funds. It can grow exponentially, especially in the latter years of your saving plan.

Gold investment pros

The cons of a 401k

There are also some cons you have to consider:

  • Your possibilities to invest in Gold is limited.
  • Also you have to be aware of the high expenses of experts who help to manage your assets.
  • If you want to withdraw money prior to the retirement you have to pay penalties.
Gold investment cons

Invest in Gold Summarized

If you take the pros and cons in consideration the best way to go is to diversify how you invest your funds.
You can utilize your 401K retirement fund in buying company stocks and bonds.
A very stable alternative way to invest in gold would be a gold bullion. So it is recommended to always ad this to your portfolio.

Capital Gains, how to get them ?

Several possibilities to gain in capital.

To understand them you need to distuinguish capital gains from income by investments.
When you earn money from an assets like rent from property, dividend or interest then we call this investment income.
If the value of an asset grows we call this capital gains. You can think of assets like property and shares.

Let us talk about shares : to gain capital there is a lot of opportunity. The fees for buying and selling shares can spoil the fun alas.
Therefor it is more interesting to join investors with managed funds and invest there with small amounts of money.
A retirement fund can also be seen as this kind of fund as their capital grows in value.

Investing in property

You get a mortgage and / or a loan from other people and of course pay the interest. The rent you receive should of course be higher than the costs : it pays for the interest and you keep the profit.

A nice and secure way of Captain Gain. This way of investing is growing in popularity because people realize that property grows in general in value while the currency of a country is instable.

You can hardly lose money and you can always sell the property. Of course you need to choose the property wisely and research the development strategies of an area. Also the population growth and environment polution are factors of importance.

Interest on interest

This form of capital gain is also called Compound Interest. As Albert Einstein said “The eight miracle of the world” .
You leave the interest you gained on the account and get a growing value of your account which give more interest.
As always it is very important to diversify your portfolio as interest rates fluctuate. Especially now the rates are low other forms of investing become more interesting.

Invest in Gold and other precious metals

Gold was and will always be one of the best assets ever. Please consider, you don’t want gold bars at home in your vault but in a safe and secure place with a trustworthy company.
You can also invest in gold stocks in the form of shares. Even buying gold and silver coins from internet auctions is a possibility. Or in the form of shares. Just do your due-diligence before you invest. Of course it is speculation but a good one in an economic crisis.

Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies

A great way to diversify your portfolio and a relative “new way”. Crypto valuta are very, very volatile so they always seem to crash. Still some of them come back hard. Bitcoin seems unbeatable and also Ethereum has made an incredible flight. It is a matter of keeping the head cool though and that is easier said than done.

Things are easier when you only invest money that you really can miss for some time. This helps to avoid “emotional reactions” on the cryptocurrencies market movements. Always buy and sell in portions. Then on average your standard investments should be positive.

Auction assets

When you have invested in goods like antique or paintings it is not always easy to estimate the value of things.
Some see it as a hobby, like collecting postage stamps or other collectors items.
You never know how much someone is really prepared to pay for these kind of assets.
This also makes it exciting especially if you like the auctions. Patience and time are important factors.
Nowadays people even collect and sell shoes. And what to think of NTF’s, unique digital products ?

Mistakes To Avoid When Investing In The Stock Market

Market manipulation is deliberately and artificially affecting the supply or demand of a stock to move its price up or down. When other investors buy or sell the security that has changed in price, the market manipulators make a profit. It’s not investing that is viewed skeptically, it’s the system.

Check our free Invest in Gold guide.

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