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Gold and Silver IRAs

Nowadays, gold and silver IRAs are becoming more and more common. 

Whether it is because the recent economic recession has inspired Americans to seek more types of retirement funds, or simply because families want more potential capital protection, people are now keenly interested in retirement accounts backed by precious metals.

Is the gold or silver IRA

right for you?

Regardless of the reason you are considering an IRA backed by precious metals, it is always a good idea to collect as much information as possible so that you will feel comfortable when you need to make changes.

Add stability to your retirement portfolio Including gold and other precious metals in your investment portfolio may reduce your risk by diversifying paper assets, thereby potentially hedging the economy and inflation.

During the turbulent period of economic downturn, gold and other precious metals have maintained their value.

People have long believed that gold and other precious metals can strengthen and protect wealth, while paper assets may not.


Declining Dollar

Many people who buy gold and silver do this to hedge against inflation and the depreciation of the dollar. With the depreciation of the U.S. dollar, Americans have essentially lost their wealth and purchasing power.

If the value continues to shrink, the value of a portfolio that invests heavily in paper may be greatly reduced in retirement. On the other hand, as the U.S. dollar falls, the value of precious metals (such as gold) may increase.

By putting precious metals in the IRA, you can preserve purchasing power and protect your funds from inflation.

Tax incentives

Remember that precious metal IRAs have the same tax benefits as regular IRAs. The biggest difference is that you can enjoy all the other benefits of buying precious metals while maintaining tax benefits.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) supervises and controls products that can be added to an IRA supported by precious metals.

This is why it is important to choose an industry authority like Rosland Capital, so you know that you are working with professionals and you can use quality products that meet IRA requirements.


Gold Bullion Coins

Rosland Capital offers an exciting selection of beautiful gold bullion coins, many of which are eligible for IRAs backed by precious metals.

If you are looking for diversity in your portfolio, we can help you get gold coins such as South African Krugerlang, Canadian Golden Maple Leaf, American Golden Eagle and American Taurus.

Explore our collection of beautiful, high-quality coins and gold coins. These high-end products are known for their exquisite and stunning designs, and the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle may be the best example.

Rosland Capital also has coins in a variety of denominations, such as American Indian Head and Liberty Head coins.

Rosland Capital proudly offers a series of very special coins that are only available from Rosland. These are limited edition coins, refined as a mint, from the best mints in the world, including PAMP SA in Switzerland and the Federal Mint in the United Kingdom. They all have licensed logos and marks with some very distinguished names.

These include coins celebrating Formula1® racing, including gold and silver kilogram coins for the 1,000th race in F1 history in Shanghai, and the 70th anniversary of the first British Grand Prix in Silverstone.

We also made a set of coins to commemorate a historic racing giant, the late Ayrton Senna (Ayrton Senna), who won for the first time in Monaco in 1987 and won the Grand Prix six times in a row. These coins include 30 ounces of spectacular coins, of which only 6 were made.

The Ayrton Senna Foundation has benefited from coin sales to support their cooperation with Brazilian children, and we are happy to help you.


Famous actor William Devane endorses
 Rosland Capital 

"Protect your retirement with a

Gold and Precious Metals IRA" 

- William Devane, actor

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General information about Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital was founded  in California in 2008 by Marin Aleksov, a wellknown man in the precious metals industry.

The company is located  in Santa Monica and also serve customers from countries outside the United States. With offices in for example Sweden, Hong Kong, Germany and United Kingdom.

On their homepage you will find facts and backgrounds of the state of the economy in the USA and the world, the value of the dollar and the consequences of its devaluating.

One of the major reasons why more and more people are interested in protecting their wealth by investing in Gold.

Gold retained a high value since the history of times and always was a cornerstone of the economy. In the time that Gold went up over 500%. In the meantime the dollar went down 31% in value.

Rosland Capital is a valuable and honest company.  They have a great customer service. They also help their customers to educate themselves on understanding why buying gold is good for them and why it is important to be able to make wise decisions on their own.

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