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President & CEO Collin Plume of
Noble Gold 

CEO Plume is a very experienced advisor in wealth assets management. After a long career in property insurance, real estate and Gold and other precious metals investings, he started focussing on finance and economics.

He started helping investors in protecting their wealth, especially after the recessions. He learned and teached clients on how to interpreter economic forecasts and how to act on this to protect their assets. He grew from a top broker to president and CEO of Noble Gold. 

Interview With The President of Noble Gold

Mister Collin Plume.

Bitcoin versus Gold

The President of Noble Gold Mister Collin Plume about Bitcoin and Crypto in general.

Noble Gold Ratings and standards

Best Gold Investment Company

AAA Rating

Buyback Program

As far as we know Noble Gold is one of the few companies to have a buyback program.

It can happen that after some years of owning Gold and other precious metals you decide to sell it all because you need the money.

You don't have to search for buyers who want to pay the right price. The company will buy everything back without any problem. They will do it in an honest and transparant way. No worries.

Royal Survival Packs

Noble Gold’s Royal Survival Packs can be a relief if you are worried about todays economy.

Their gold and silver coins and bullions value should persist. This is an excellent way to keep your wealth safe. 


Gold and Silver IRAs

Get the Free Guide about Gold IRA

For more information about IRAs you simply download a free guide with all the ins and outs.

About how to keep your net worth safe and retire without headaches and stress.

All important considerations regarding rollovers and how the company will process everything for you and take the time to plan it all for you.

Safe Texas Storage

If you live in Texas you would prefer your precious metals to be stored in a Texas depositories. They have a top safe and well equiped facility. Noble Gold takes care of it in a transparent way.


Free Gold Guide

When you decide to sell your investment on retirement or at a later date, you will effortlessly get cash in gold or silver, which is not the case for some other investing types (such as real estate).

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Noble Gold

Free Gold Ebook


General information about Noble Gold

Noble Gold was founded by Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume in 2016.

The company is still relatively young compared to the other companies mentioned in this review site. Nevertheless have the two founders over twenty years of experience in the financial industry.

Noble Gold is an excellent company, especially for Americans considering to start a precious metal IRA.

Only $2,000 and 5 minutes on the phone or website is enough to iniciate your IRA.

At a glance :

  • Great customer service
  • Top notch learning resources
  • Regular prices
  • Experts in Gold and other precious metals IRA's
  • Excellent job educating customers
  • New customers get special promotions
  • 5 Star Rating on customer service

For more detailed information and how to start please check the website of Noble Gold.

Noble Gold Office


Toll Free: 1 877-646-5347



Monday – Friday:  7am – 4pm

Saturday and Sunday:  Closed



Toll Free: 877-646-5347



1 S. Fair Oaks Suite 200, Pasadena CA 91105

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